8th Trappist Beer not from Mont des Cats (France), but from Abbey Zundert (Netherlands)?


Last weeks, there were many rumours there should be a 8th Trappist Beer. The Abbey of‘Mont des Cats’ told they should deliver the 8th Trappist Beer. Last week, Brother Bernard of the Abbey gave a press conference and was showing proudly their beer to the public and journalists. But, the monks also revealed the beer would not carry the ‘real’ authentic Trappist logo. The number of ‘official’ Trappist Beers stay at 7. However, there are new rumours of a 8th Trappist Beer coming from an Abbey in…The Netherlands.

Is Mont des Cats he 8th Official Trappist Beer?

Brother Bernard was excited. He was revealing the ‘Biere Trappiste de Mont des Cats’. His Abbey is maybe located near the Belgian border, it’s territory is French. So, it would be the first Trappist Beer of France. Beer lovers around the world were very curious if they could welcome a 8th Official Trappist Beer.

But desolately, it will not be the 8th Authentic Trappist Beer. The most important reason is that an Official Trappist Beer should be produced between the walls of the Abbey. And because there is no brewery anymore in Mont des Casts, that condition makes it impossible to carry the Authentic Trappist Beer logo. But the beer can still call themselves ‘Biere Trappiste’.

Can you tell me more about the ‘Biere Trappiste’ of Mont des Cats?
Of course. :)
The Amber beer is brewed in the brewery where Chimay is brewed (Abbey of Notre Dame de Scourmont). The Alcohol percentage is 7.6%.
The beer is well-hopped, and underwent like other trappist beers a refermentation in the bottle. You will taste herbs, and the Chimay-lover will recognize some hints from the Chimay-Trappist Beer. But the Beer is brewed in full cooperation with the Monks of Mont des Cats.
The beer goes perfectly together with cheese (the monks of Mont des Cats produce excellent cheese!) and meat.

Where can I buy this unofficial Trappist Beer?
Uptill now the Trappist of Westvleteren was very very rare to get. But it seems that in a first stage the beer of Mont des Cats will be even more difficult to buy. The first production only counts 1500 hl.
You can buy the beer in the shop of the monks, and on some rare shops or pubs in France.

So, only 7 Authentic Trappist Beers?
Say never never!

Because, there is some good news from The Netherlands.
The Trappist monks of the Abbey of ‘Maria Toevlucht’ in Zundert have plans to start a brewery between the walls of their Abbey. And that means that the Abbey of Zundert,instead of Mont des Cats, could carrythe logo should be the 8th official Trappist Beer. Brother Daniel confirms the plans, but still adds that there is still a lot to do before the Abbey is brewing the 8th Authentic Trappist Beer. If everything goes well, the first beer will be brewed in the end of 2012.


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