Achel Beers

The brewing masters of Achel trappist symbolise in a way the recent history of Trappist Achel: a period of Trappist Achel before the War, nothing after it, and now recently they are brewing again. You have at one side Brother Thomas, while now in his 70’s. On the other side you have youngster Tom Poncelet, who learned making beer from Brother Thomas while he was a student. Between them is an empty generation.

Achel Blond Trappist 4 [blounde aggel trappist vere]
This beer contains 4 abv and is remarkable lower in alcohol than the ‘normal’ Trappist stuff. The monks drink this beer during their meals, and you cannot buy it in the shops.

The Achel Blond is brewed from Pilsener Malt, while the yeast of Westmalle is used. Primary fermentation is at 18-20 Celsius Degrees, followed by a month of warm-conditioning at 10 Degrees. It is a non pasteurised beer.
The end product is a nice golden beer with a fantastically delicate hop character, it’s light malty and you will taste some spicy and flowery bits. It’s subtle and pure.

Blond Trappist Achel 6 [blounde trappist aggel zess]
To say it in the words of the brewmaster himself: “If you would like to ‘taste’ beer, there is the Achel Blond Trappist 6 (or 6% alcohol percentage).”
The Achel Trappist 6 is malty, hoppy and carries hints of grapefruit and vanilla.

Brown Trappist Achel 5 [bruene trappist aggel vief]]
The brown Achel trappist has a 5 per cent alcohol volume. You will taste a delicious dark-malty bere, with bits of caramel, brown sugar and dark fruits.

Brown Trappist Achel 8 [bruene trappist aggel agt]
A ‘real’ brown Trappist Ale with a 8 per cent alcohol volume. Sweet smelling. Nice brown colour and taste of fruits and caramel. Tradition ‘real’ trappist beer.