Documentary about tourism in the area of Achel

Trappist Achel Hiking path - Tourism Hamont Achel - www.trappist-beers.comIf you know the basics of Trappist Beer, you are certainly aware that there are at the moment only 7 official Trappist Beers: 6 in Belgium and 1 in the Netherlands.

Maybe it is also known to you that the youngest of the Trappist Beer family is Achel Trappist. But did you know that the area around the Achel monastery is perfect for exploration on foot or by bike?

The national television of Belgium – VRT has made a documentary about the area. If you want to discover the Achel Monastery on your traveling, it is certainly worth watching, evenly the documentary it is in Dutch :)

And don’t forget to do a break at the pub of the monastery, where you can enjoy a Achel Trappist straight from the barrel!

By the way: you also can visit the other Trappist Monastery’s on foot. Gerard van Asten, trappist beer lover with a passion for hiking, launched a hiking map which connects all 7 trappist monastery’s in Belgium and the Netherlands. The hiking paths are all quite easy to walk for a beginner/moderate hiker perspective!

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