Monks decide to export 70 000 boxes with ‘special’ Westvleteren 12 version


westvleteren trappist boxGood news for all beer lovers outside Belgium. The ‘best beer of the world’ -Westvleteren 12- will be exported in a very limited version to the rest of the world.
The sales revenues will be used for the renovation of the Abbey.

70 000 so called ‘building boxes’ will be exported to a limited number of lucky countries like Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and the US.
A building box consists of 4 bottles of the trappist ale Westvleteren 12 together with the original glass, in an original ‘building box’-package. (see picture)

Normally you only can buy Westvleteren at the Abbey itself, after you make a personal appointment with the monks. So this once in a lifetime export action from the monks gives the opportunity to people outside Belgium to buy the famous beer.

With a production of 4.750 hectoliters beer per year, the demand for Westvleteren always exceeded supply. Last Friday, the website voted Westvleteren 12 (again) as the best beer of the world. This action gives a lot of beer lovers the opportunity to buy some Westvleteren XII themselves.

The Westvleteren will be exported to these countries:


France (second time)

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