General info about Trappist Rochefort (Belgium)

If you think you will find an oasis of wheat fields in Rochefort, you will be disappointed. The land is poor.
The best you will find are wood hills and fruit trees. But despite the poor ground, the views are rich and the panoramas are of extreme beauty.

In this secret area, the monastery itself is maybe the biggest secret. The monastery of St. Remy, originated in 1229, is situated in a wide valley at the foot of a wooded hill. Here you will only meet peace and a silent and contemplative ambiance.

The monastery exists of several buildings, each from a different area and with their own history and stories. It’s maybe one of the purest monastery’s still existing nowadays, thanks to her contemplative ambiance.

Like all Trappist beers, the production of Rochefort Trappist is limited and the earnings should go to the living of the monks and the social needs of the community. The production is lower than that of Chimay or Westmalle, which makes Rochefort a more difficult trappist beer to get on the market.

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