Funny Facts

Did you know…

      That the brewery of Rochefort is located in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy itself?
      That the abbey and thus brewery is not really located in Rochefort, but nearby?
      That there are at the moment about 15 monks living in the Abbey (free to join)?
      That the brewery is not open for public, so all info (including the info at comes only from a few sources?
      That the water needed for the Rochefort beer is drawn from a well located inside the monastery walls?
      That if you have drunken the 3 different Rochefort Trappists, you have drunken 28% abv?
      That you should drink a Rochefort with some friends on a nice occasion?
      That the Rochefort monks make also excellent Cheese?
    That many Belgians use the Trappist beer and cheese in many recipes?

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