History of Rochefort Trappist

History of Rochefort Trappist

The motto of the abbey is ‘Curvata, resurgo’, which is Latin for ‘Bent, I will stand up again’. And if you look to the history of the abbey, you know why this motto is chosen.
The abbey of Rochefort has a large history and was involved in many wars. But each time the abbey stood up again and revived.

In the beginning of 13th Century the fields in Rochefort were inhabited by cistercian nuns and monks. In 1229 the Lord of Rochefort built an abbey for them: ‘Succursus Dominae Nostrae’ or ‘Support from Our Lady’. 200 years later, the nuns moved to Felipre while the monks changed from Felipre to Rochefort.

The life at the abbey was peaceful, untill 1650 when the Lorraine troops plundered the abbey. 3 years later the armies of Conde made the destruction worse and put the abbey on fire.

But only 10 years later the monks returned and rebuild the total site. In 1671 the church was risen again and life at the monatery could start again.

In the middle of the 18th century Abbot de Villegai declared a strict ordinance: from now on it was not allowed anymore to drink tea, liquors, wine or coffee, eat chocolate or playing cards. 30 years later, at the doorstep of the French Revolution in 1789, the monks asked Rome to stop these restrictions. And so happened. The pope secularized the abbey in 1792 and the monks could start living independent from the others and foresee in their own food and drinks.

But again the abbey was invaded. This time in 1794 by the army of th eMoselle. Everything what was valuable or eatable was taken. Luckily there was not again a destruction of the abbey itself. But away were the furniture, the excellent books in the library, the stained glasswords,… Only 2 years later the abbey was sold to a private person who demolished the abbey. With the stones and materials of the abbey he builded other houses which you still can see in Rochefort today.

In 1887, the Abbey of Saint Remy was repurchased by the abbot Seny. He gave the monatery to the monks of Achel (North of Belgium). Some months later Achel was sending some of her monks to Rochefort and was again ready for the 20th Century. Survived first world war. Survived second world war and occupation by the Germans.

Curvata, resurgo. Bent, and I will stand up again. The proud motto of the Trappistes of Rochefort.

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