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Can I visit the abbey of Rochefort?

The abbey of Rochefort is one of the most pure monastery’s in the world. It has preserved her quite and contemplative ambiance. In order to preserve the climate of solitude visits to the abbey are not permitted. But you can visit the church, and of course the beautiful are of Rochefort.

More information you will find on the touristic website of Rochefort:

If you want to combine a visit to Rochefort with some other touristic places in Belgium, some nice cities quite nearby are Brussels, Liege or Namur. You could also cross the border to France. There you could visit the touristic city Charlesville-Mezieres. Also the brewery Caracol in Dinant is very worth visiting (not a trappist brewery, but a real authentic Belgian brewery). If you are travelling with children, maybe Han-Sur-Lesse (very nearby) is also worth visiting.

You will find easily accommodation or hotels in this cities. Rates will be around 65 EUR a night (breakfast included) for a double room at Western Standards. You can also opt for a more authentic approach like a bed-and-breakfast or pension. That means you will get a room in a house or farmhouse of a Belgian family and you will have a more personal approach.
You can easily find a hotel or book a room if you search on Google. It’s worth comparing the prices of hotel rooms in Belgium. Renting a car is also advisable, whereas the public transport network is quite dense and could be possible too.
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