Trappist Breweries

Are you a planning a trip to Belgium, the Trappist beer country? Maybe you can do some brewery visits in mean time and discover the really authentic Belgian beer culture.
Here you can find already a whole list of Belgian brewery’s. Most of them have a (small) website, and have a possibility to be visited (more info at their websites).

You can find the trappist brewery’s in:

      Westvleteren / Vleteren (West, near the sea and Bruges)


      Westmalle / Malle (North, near Antwerp / Zoersel)


      Achel / Hamont-Achel (North-East, close to the Dutch border in the province of Limburg) – you can overstay in the abbey too


      Rochefort (South, below Durbuy)


      Chimay (South, close to France, 100km below Charleroi and Mons)


      Orval / Florenville (South, below Neufchateau)


    LaTrappe (The Netherlands)

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View Beer Brewery’s in Belgium in a larger map

Do you know another trappist beer pub? Reply with the street adress, name of the pub, types of trappist beers and I will add them!
You can find here the original Google map of trappist and Belgian brewery’s.