Westvleteren for 1 time available in Belgian Supermarkets!


Take your agenda and put a big circle around Thursday 3. November. That day the famous Westvleteren Trappist will be available in the supermarket. The first time in the lifetime of Westvleteren, because before you had to go to the abbey in West-Flanders to obtain a box of bottles.

It’s a limited offer of a box with 6 bottles of Trappist Westvleteren and 2 degustation glasses for only 25 EUR. To buy this limited offer, you need to use a coupon you find in some Belgian newspapers and magazines: (De Standaard/Knack/Le Vif). In total 93000 boxes will be sold. The revenue of this exclusive offer goes totally to the rebuilding of the trappist abbey in Westvleteren.

Read here more about Westvleteren Trappist.

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