Westvleteren Trappist

General info about Westvleteren

Many guides and specialists in past declared that Westvleteren ale would be the best beer in the world. Because of the big international media attention, you should expect that the monks in Westvleteren would start a higher production. But the around 30 cistercian monks stayed at their dedicated life of seclusion, manual toil, and perfect silence. Desolately, this silence is now more and more difficult, while the whole world has discovered their beer..

‘The monks want to be monks, not brewers’, it’s said. They don’t want to live for their beer, but for God. This in contrary to the other 6 trappist ales, which market their trappist beers by stores and bars, or even publicity campaigns.

Sales are very limited and applied to a variety of restrictions. You have to make an appointment before and can get your crate (only 1 crate is possible) by car. But that said, most people find it worth to drive 300 miles or more for ‘their’ crate.

Westvleteren monks brow 3 beers:

      Blond Westvleteren (honey, tangy, served cold)


      Westvleteren no. 8 (dark)


    Westvleteren 12 (dark)

And the best news of all: they all taste delicious! :)

Read more about the location of the monastery, how you should serve the Westvleteren Trappist and how long it stays in good condition, and how you can buy Westvleteren and what the prices are.