Location and tourism

Location of Westvleteren brewery and tourism

Westvleteren is situated in the North-West of Belgium, very close to the seaside (North Sea), in the province West –Flanders.
It’s about one full hour driving from Brussels, 2 hours drive from Paris and 1 hour from Calais.

On a warm afternoon (May-September), the terrace of the pub ‘De Vrede’ in front of the brewery is crowded with drinkers who enjoy life by drinking one of the Westvleteren trappists and eating it with some other products of the monks: Westvleteren cheese, bread, pate,…

Poperinge is very near Westvleteren, it’s the hop-growing centerin Belgium. There is also a farmer who makes fully organic hop which is used in some beers in Belgium and England.

If you want to persuade your family to join you for a trip to Westvleteren, you have many possibilities.

You could combine a visit to the Westvleteren abbey with a visit of the sea. Ostend is nice city near the sea, but also Knokke-Heist (residentual) or De Haan (more basic) are nice too.
Another city which is amazing for tourists is Bruges. Bruges is one of the most romantic city’s of Europe and has a lot to offer: very old buildings, fort, good restaurants.
But also the lively city’s Gent or European capital city Brussels is only about one hour away from Westvleteren.

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