Price West-Vleteren

Prices for Trappist Westvleteren (as of May 2013)

Trappist Westvleteren Blond (5,8 vol.% ABV) 30, EUR
Trappist Westvleteren 8 (dark-brown) (8 vol.% ABV) 35 EUR
Trappist Westvleteren 12 (strongest – dark) (10,2 vol.% ABV) 40, EUR

Above these amounts you pay 12 EUR deposit for the beer crate and the 24 bottles, which you will get back if you bring back the beer crate in a good condition. But probably you just want to keep them as a souvenir of your beer trip and shipping is not worth.

Prices are for a crate with 24 bottles of 33 centiliters.
These prices are just indicative, prices can differ from these displayed above.

In a beer pub in Belgium you will probably pay more then these prices, the price will be around 7-12 EUR. This is because it’s also for the beer pub owners very difficult to get the Westvleteren trappist.

Some people try to resell the beer to a third party, but that is not allowed if you buy the beer. By the way, it’s stupid to not drink maybe the most difficult to get beer ever yourself, or with your best friends!

If you have to go back by plane or don”t have the time for making an appointment for the delivery, you always can just drink a trappist in the welcome center of the monks: ‘De Vrede’, which is located across the street from the abbey.

Here you can also visit an exhibition room and get an idea of life in the abbey or info about the brewing process of Westvleteren. Miammie!